Monday, October 22, 2007

Wow Auctioneer

Im learning quick wow auctioneer is a essential tool for a wow player. Wow Auctioneer is a mod for wow to track your auctions and items in the auction house. It helps a player to see the average of items being sold and bought, which used the right way can be very powerful and profitable. I tend to find tons of ore, go to the auction house, use my auctioneer to check the average prices they are being bought at, and when demand is greatest, and sell when it benefits me best. Most of the time I dont have to wait Friday night, or Sunday to sell things. Those 2 days are the best time to put stuff in the auction house to sell, if you didnt already know.

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Another great feature about wow auctioneer is the ability to scan for underpriced items that you know you can turn into a fast profit. This is something I do all the time, or i take those items and make into certain weapons, depends on the item. The overall best thing about wow auctioneer is you can get it for absolutely free, and depending on speed of your internet, it only takes a minute or two to download.

During the video his voice kinda of fades, and rises but you will hear everything if you listen a bit intently. Very Useful Wow Auctioneer Video!

So please feel free to make your wow experience a whole lot easier. Download WOW Auctioneer

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